Tube Mics
Mojave MA-200 (U47 clone)
Pearlman DP TM-1 
Rode Classic

Condenser Mics
Neumann U87 Ai
2 Akg C414 XLS
3 AKG C 430
Audio Technica 4033
Rode NT 1A

Ribbon Mics
Coles 4038
Beyerdynamic M160
Shiny Box 46MX

Dynamic Mics

AKG D112
2x Sennheiser MD421 II
Sennheiser 441u
2x Sennheiser e609
Shure SM7b
Shure Unidyne 55s (vintage 1956)

5x Shure SM 57
3x Shure SM 58
Shure SM 58 Beta 
Shure PG 58

Trident Class A (32 Channels)
Universal Audio LA-610
Chandler Limited EMI TG2 (stereo)
Vintech Audio X731 (neve clone)
Art TPS II (stereo)

TK Audio BC501 stereo buss compressor
2 Urie LA -3A's (matched pair)
API 527
3 Distressors
Dbx 160x

32 Trident 4way EQs
2 API  550B's
Dbx 512 Stereo EQ

Lexicon MX200 (stereo)
Maestro Tape Delay
Real Reverb - Analog Spring Reverb (stereo)

Trident Series 80B Console
Mac Pro tower w/ 24 Gs of Ram
Pro Tools HD 10.3.8
Glyph Hard Drives
2 16 x 16 Avid Converters
Waves Platinum, UA & Massey Plugins
2 Genelec 8050A studio monitors
2 Yamaha NS-10s w/ Yamaha A100a studio monitor system
Hearback Technology Hear Back System
2 Sennheiser HD 203 Headphones
2 Sennheiser 280 PRO headphones
2 Yamaha MT8 headphones
Various Headphones
Samson C-cue 8 headphone amp

Guitar Amps
Fender "Hot Rod" Deluxe
Fender Princeton (1970's)
Mesa Boogie Lonestar
1950's Boutique custom 14 watt amp 
Marshall JCM 900  2x12 combo (1985)

Marshall 4x12 cab "1960 Lead"

Bass Amps
Ampeg B15n (vintage 1974)
Risson Pro Series Jazz amp (1976)
SWR 350 (head)
Ashdown MAG 300 
Acoustic 410 cab

2001 Gibson SG
1960's Fender Strat 
1968 Kapa Continental (Vintage Jaguar copy)
2002 Ibenez SD GR bass
Fender Jazz fretless bass
1972 Martin D-18
1998 Taylor MCE 314
1985 Ovation Legend 12 string

Guitar Pedals/Di's
Vintage 60's Maestro Sirko Tape Echo  S-4848
Boss Digital Delay DD-6
Boss Digital Delay DD-5
Boss Digital Delay DD-3
Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phase Shifter
Morley Chrystal Chorus

Boss Tremelo
Boss EQ-7
2 Boss tuners
Boss Super Over Drive
 3 Cry Baby Wah
Boss RC-20XL Loop Station
THD Hot Plate
Morley ABY selector
Radial Pro D2 Stereo DI
2x Whirlwind IMP 2
Cloudlifter CL-Zi

1959 Wurlitzer Electric Piano Model 700
Yamaha Motif-8 (88 weighted keys keyboard)
Yamaha PSS-470
Roland SPD-20 Percussion Pad

1968 Slingerland, Chrome Wrap
22" Kick & 13", 16" Toms
1970's Premier Kit
22" kick, 16", 13" & 12" Toms
1970's Slingerland 5 x 14" Steel Snare 
Yamaha 5 x 14" Maple Snare
1970's Yamaha 5x14" Starphonic Snare
1962 Ludwig 6 lug 6. 5 x1 4" Maple Snare
Yamaha & DW Hardware
3 cymbal stands
Yamaha Pro-Model hi-hat stand
Iron Cobra Kick pedal
Pearl P-120P Kick pedal

20" Sabian Medium Ride
18" Sabian Studio Crash
SX Sabian Medium Hi-Hats

Lots n Lots of percussions! --