Proudly serving the NYC music community for more than 15 years.


Producer / Engineer / Mixer / Musician



Brian Speaker worked on more than 30 albums, EPs and singles last year for artists like Katy Rea, Bones Howell, Stephen Artemis Jr, Jeffrey Lewis, Shadow Monster and Pinc Louds

Hailing from West Lafayette, Indiana, Brian began a career in music and recording with his grunge rock band Sabaretto, who gained notoriety with their critically acclaimed album, Swing (1994). Later, writing, recording, performing and touring throughout the world, Brian found his voice and cut his teeth on rock music. 

Live tracking bands and drum sounds are a large part of what draws the talent from the New York City indie rock scene to Brian's work load. He has worked with Grammy award winning drummers like Ulysses Owens (Christian McBride, Kurt Elling), Grammy nominated Aaron Comess (Spin Doctors) and Lady Gaga's drummer, George "Spanky" McCurdy.

Speaker has produced hundreds of albums for artists that include Crazy & the Brains, Adam Green, Hamell On Trial, Ani DiFranco, Kimya Dawson, M Lamar and many more. As a producer, Brian helps guide a musical production to a fantastic finish. Whether offering arrangement, melodic or harmonic ideas or giving an artist the right mood or intention on a vocal delivery, having an experienced producer in the studio working alongside you gives your project an edge. 

With 15 years of experience mixing music, Speaker has a sharp understanding and passion for what makes music work. A critical listener and a lover of sounds in spaces, Brian uses his deep tool kit to create emotion within a mix. "Listening to music is a visceral experience. A great mix will give you goosebumps."

Brian has more than a 100 mastering credits to his resume. What is mastering? Like the final polish on your car after its been washed, mastering is the critical stage before your music hits the listener. This is where precisely tuned ears and years of experience come into play. EQ and frequency are paramount. 

From direction, arrangement and songwriting, to playing drums, bass, guitar or singing, Brian fills in wherever he is needed. His production work on the critically acclaimed 2015 album, Manhattan by Jeffrey Lewis and Los Bolts, was touted as, "…one of Lewis' clearest, best-recorded and arranged albums to date", by Allmusic and, and hailed, "One of his strongest outings ever." by Spin Magazine. 

Whether you want to record a song or album, clean up or spice up your current mixes with a seasoned pro, Brian has the ability to do whatever it takes to guide your project to an outstanding finish. With a track record of making great records that capture the true essence of artists and bands of all shapes and sizes, Speaker can bring out the best in you. 

"Listening to music is a visceral experience. A great mix will give you goosebumps."

-Brian Speaker