Proudly serving the NYC music community for more than 10 years.

Producer / Engineer / Mixer / Musician



Last year was a great year for Brian Speaker. The Brooklyn based record producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter had his hands full. From recording, producing and mixing albums for veteran performers like Jeffrey Lewis and Peter Stampfel, to recording, producing, mixing and mastering the breakout record, "The Suburbs Ruined My Life" with Great Wight, who were signed shortly after the release. 

Brian typically works on 20 to 30 albums , EP's and singles per year, in many different styles and genres. Most recently, Speaker has been in session with artists; Pinc Louds, Katy Rea, The Come On, Mimi Oz and Stephen Artemis (of the Falling Birds). Speaker also spends time in session working along side his mentor, legendary music producer, John Agnello, (Bruce Springsteen, The Breeders, Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Cyndi Lauper).

In the past 10 years, since he opened his own recording studio called SpeakerSonic, Brian has produced, recorded, mixed and mastered hundreds of albums, singles and LP's. Some noteables include Crazy & The Brains, Adam Green, Hamell On Trial, Ani DiFranco, M Lamar and Kimya Dawson.

From direction, arrangement and songwriting to playing drums, bass, guitar or singing, Brian fills in wherever he is needed. His production work on the critically acclaimed 2015 album Manhattan by Jeffrey Lewis and Los Bolts, was touted as, "… one of Lewis' clearest, best-recorded and arranged albums to date", by AllMusic and "One of his strongest outings ever." by Spin Magazine. 

Speaker owns and operates his own recording studio, SpeakerSonic, as a way to stay close to the artists and keep the process intimate. However, some of his productions have led him to Dreamland Recording Studios and the Power Station, where he worked with rising stars like Calum Ingram and iDA HAWK

Whether you want to record a song or album at his studio, clean up or spice up your current mixes with a seasoned pro, Brian possesses the ability to find and do whatever it takes to guide your project to an outstanding finish. He can take young artists to a level they never thought possible or add a freshness to any veteran artists in the industry.